Friday, July 31, 2009

Learning to Swim

I thought it would be a good idea to enroll Adarius and Tavian into swim lessons this year. Adarius is getting older and it was funny because as we were walking up to the pool, the first day of swim lessons he said "What no floaties"? and "Where are the noodles"? Apparently he thought he knew how to swim and he was gonna show them his skills with the floaties! I explained to him that swimming lessons is actually leaning how to swim without floaties. Complete terror came over his face "WHAT" he said!! As you can see in the photos that fear lasted but about a minute. It was private lessons which worked out really well because of the one on one attention. He did so well and I was so proud of him!!! Way to go DD
Tavian had alot of fun learning to blow bubbles and play "motorboat" with the teacher. He will do anything Adarius does so it really wasn't that hard to get him in the water! Way to go Tavian!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mass Update Ya'll!!!!

So the computer has been down for quite some time - 4 months to be exact. So, basically I took all of Sunday afternoon and updated the last 4 months of what's been going on in our lives. It's close to 9 different posts that I have added, so keep on reading!! By the way, I do my hair only on special occasions - LOL. I'm sure you will notice all of my hats!! Happy Reading.

Our Colorado Trip 09

Congratulations Elaina and Lane!!! What an awesome trip this last weekend was to Colorado. We love weddings. Audrey was so beautiful walking the beautiful bride down the aisle. (P.S. Audrey is Elan's aunt, our angel, who saved his life by donated her kidney 2 years ago) The ceremony was so sweet it made me want to re-do mine and copy all her ideas!
Uncle John and Aunt Mimi (Shirani) played the part well as handsome groomsmen and pretty bridesmaid. What a good looking couple!!Adarius and Tavian did such an amazing job as the ring bearers. Adarius came down first followed by Tavian holding his cousins Milan's hand. Tears were brought to my eyes witnessing this precious moment. Really, Milan is so sweet, cute, and everything a little girl should be!
WOW!!! All I can say is I loooooove this picture!! We miss our family in Colorado very much and can't wait to go back for another visit very soon!

Hole in the Rock in Moab

The last day in Moab we stopped off at a little tourist place called "Hole N" The Rock it was quite an interesting place. Inside of that huge rock is a 5000 sq. foot home. It was really cool but at the same time a little creepy. There was a little petting zoo that the kids could pet and feed. They had a camel, wallaby, pigs, deer and lots of others. It was extremely hot so we finished off with some of the best ice cream ever!!
This place had very random art work located on the grounds. The boys wanted pictures with everything they saw. Tavian called over to Elan and said take a picture of me standing next to my friend. That kid has such an imagination! Love the hand in the pocket-and notice the superhero belt!

Moab Camping Trip

We headed down to Moab for a weekend of camping and hiking with some of our neighbor's and their kids. I have to say Moab has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. It was absolutely amazing. We were able to do a few little hikes with the kids, but mostly we did a lot of driving. The kids enjoyed themselves especially because they had their friends to run, play and explore with. I definitely can't wait to go back and look forward to when the boys are a little bit older so we can do some more challenging hikes. It was a great little get away and camping wasn't all that bad either, even if we did stay in cabins with running water, toilets, air conditioning, and a swimming pool for the kids- LOL
Adarius, Jayden (JJ) and Drew
This was a little boys dream come true!! They could get as dirty as they wanted and their mom could do nothing but smile and say "Are you havin' fun?"

4th of July 09

This 4th of July we had a really exciting and eventful day! We woke up and headed out to see the grand parade in Provo. We had the best seats ever and got there just in time to see it start. The boys really enjoyed themselves and I am not gonna lie so did I! I love the 4th of July, it is one of my favorite holidays. After the parade we headed over to grandmas for a BBQ, swimming and some fun family time with cousins, aunts and uncles. After that we headed over to Mr. and Mrs. Snowdens house for more food and fun. They had rented an inflatable jump house for the kids and they had so much fun. We ended the night with a great "kiddie" firework show then off to bed. The boys were exhausted and we were too.

The Air Show 09

This year we decided it would be fun to take the boys to the Air Show up at Hill Air Force Base. It was "super" fun (Adarius' new word - Super). Elan was very prepared with umbrellas for the ferocious hale storm that we encountered. After the storm had calmed down they did an amazing air show with the jets. It was very loud but VERY entertaining. After the show the boys were able to go and meet the pilots and get their autographs - which they could have cared less about. I just kept telling Adarius "Come on let's go get his autograph." He kept saying "What is an autograph?" and "Who cares about an autograph?" Oh well. It was still really fun.
I'm sure the pilot in this picture wishes now he didn't pull that face! Not so cute- Adarius and Tavian are with their friends Alexis and Kole Larsen.
Daddy and his boys